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AG360 Digital Agency. Creation of Smart Sites, which integrate with Google, and all Social Media. Our experience ensures quality and creation of the your web project with creativity and developed with the latest technologies.

Therefore, we deliver our Sites, Portals and Virtual Stores with a complete Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to 100% manage your new website, WEB system, or Web Store. And with modern, attractive and personalized layouts. Your fully responsive environment that fits any Mobile device.


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We specialize in Digital Marketing, SEO, Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, and Unique Tools you already find here.

Master all existing marketing tools.

And we use it as the best in the world, enabling your site to appear on the front pages of Google.

We created new exclusive tools that perform actions in Social Media, and bring guaranteed return for actions taken.

O EASYHEALTH uses blockchain technology to safely store health records and maintain a full version of stored and managed data.

The EASYHEALTH uses blockchain technology to safely store health records (medical records) and maintain a single version of the data. Different organizations (such as doctors, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacists and health insurers) may request permission to access a patient’s registry to serve their purpose and record the transactions in the distributed medical record.